January 29th, 2015

elements fitness and lifestyle

elements fitness and lifestyle

From its inception, elements has  been designed as a lifestyle brand, body, beauty and mind. It is one of the largest differentiating factors in terms of the experience delivered in our facilities. From the onset, we approach the client and the business as a mulit-faceted wellness experience.  Many health club companies are not able to successfully do this, I maintain that it is something which has to be designed into the very fabric of the brand. Inside of our US clubs, the tagline is “elements … the fitness lifestyle,”  and the club is staffed by highly trained “lifestyle consultants” delivering a menu of cool wellness options to clients including customized fitness programming, nutrition and weight loss via BalanceDiet, and lifestyle / spa / quality of life programming. The net result of this has been a measurable increase in brand loyalty and spend per guest, which is an inportant benchmark within the fitness industry.

Over the years as the brand and our programming has expanded, we have explored various growth scenarios to solidy our place as a leading worldwide healthy lifestyle brand.  One of my favorite personal aspects of business is international development. As a creator-type, I enjoy the challenge of new places, new cultures, and the adaptation of elements fitness and the experience for a new marketplace.  This week, my travels have taken me to the beautiful island country of St. Lucia, located in the West Indies.  As far as Carribean Islands go, St. Lucia is very interesting and full of raw, natural beauty. The Pinton mountains and changeover (14 times) from British to French Colonial rule make for a very diverse and well-cultured population, and a lux tourism destination.  We have been fortunate enough over the last few years to develop important international relationships to help foster growth, and the Caribbean is no exception to that.  Powerful and well connected regional partners are the hidden secret of successful internaitonal expansion, as a strong working knowledge of the customs and economy is essential.
Today we met with the St. Lucia development council as well as the tourism board to begin the planning of elements brands launch into the region.  The potential in the regin is really quite exciting, as is the idea of “destination wellness,” where elements and BalanceDiet begin to host weekend and week long spa-getaway and Celebrity Destination Wellness and Fitness events at top resorts and  destinations such as Miami Beach, the Carribean, Brazil, and more in conjunction with our fitness experts and media partners.  It all proves for a very exciting year ahead and a confirmation that elements is so far beyond simply a health club brand, delivering exceptional consumer exeriences to a growing and loyal following of fans worldwide.

st lucia and elements lifestyle thinspa

st lucia and elements lifestyle thinspa

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elements fitness boston gym boston fitness

We were thrilled to make the announcement of elements arriving to Boston’s city core this year. It is a great and important growth step for the brand in the Northeast, and a great addition to the new wave of fitness and lifestyle offerings coming to the venerable city.  elements will fit in very well alongside the lifestyle centers, top hotels, and well-designed new residential hi rises. Opening within a major US city really lets us customize the offerings to include a very cool mix of fitness + spa + lifestyle, to service both the fitness and the lifestyle (day worker) sectors within the area.  Its a fun and exciting project for the brand, with some surprise collaborations planned with A-list fitness celebrities. Stay tuned this year for more announcements on our New England flagship.

(1/21/2015 ) BOSTON, MA – elements® fitness has announced a new New England based development partner and the development of a showcase club in Boston’s Financial District, scheduled for a 2015 opening. The announcement comes on the heels of elements® recent club openings in Las Vegas, NV and Ft. Lauderdale.

elements® is thrilled to announce our expansion into the Boston core. We are planning for the city a full-service flagship club which will include some of our best signature lifestyle amenities, such as BalanceDiet Test Kitchen, and a full thinspa® featuring relaxation and body slimming services. Boston is ready for a higher standard of healthy lifestyle offerings, and we are thrilled to be developing one of our best locations yet here,” commented Christopher Palumbo, founder of the elements fitness brand.

elements® plans a full service club in the Boston core, including  (read the full article on our news and press site)

20 January 2015


detox juice shop balanced diet shop.gobalancediet.comMore and more Americans are discovering and enjoying the benefits of freshly prepared juices. It’s true that juicing delivers a natural energy boost, and it can be fun to make some exotic creations at home on a weekend.  Our BalanceDiet online “experience” store features articles and long-form tips written by our experts in response to questions and inquiries we receive in our centers from clients. its a great way to build a useful education format, as well as an online and interactive wellness community.

Below is an excerpt on a recent article on juicing, and the frustrations with juicing ….

The ABC’s of Daily Juicing

Who has time to wash, chop, and juice fruits and veggies all day? No one! But, we can’t ignore the powerful benefits of antioxidants found in pomegranate, the fabulous fiber in field greens, and all of the delicious superfoods on the market today. The facts are in, and hands down we all should all be juicing daily! Juicing has become all the rage because, believe it or not, you can get the same buzz (only a lot healthier!) than the buzz you get from caffeine from a freshly squeezed juice.

When your body absorbs the antioxidants and vitamins you get from daily juices so quickly, you (read more)


19 January 2015

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genetic test for weight lossOne of our most popular programs at BalanceDiet is our proprietary Genetic Test for Weight Loss. This was technology developed by a leading US Genetics Company and Stanford University, and initially piloted at Results Weight Loss, a chain which we acquired in 2011. Since then, we have reinvested to  test further developed the test and design new followup programs with customized supplement add-ons, to allow clients to further fine-tune their results.

I have always loved this technology, and think its (education) is really an important first step for a successful weight loss protocol and healthy lifestyle. Understanding on a genetic livel how your body metabolizes food, and tailoring your food choices around this is really the foundation for successful living. I had researched genetic tests and even had family members do them, at a cost of thousands of dollars, which is why I was so pleased that we can offer this genetic weight loss test to consumers at a very affordable rate,  a fraction of prior programs in the sector. I think this has really been a key to the success of the BalanceDiet Genetic Test, the fact that it is affordable, easy to take, and very convenient.

Below is a recent news release about the expansion of this program….

(1/8/2015) MIAMI, FL – A Miami-based national weight loss brand has partnered with a leading genetic company and cutting edge genetic technology to develop a proprietary and highly customizable weight loss plan for consumers. BalanceDiet™ has been regarded for its balanced approach to food and eating, and customized healthy lifestyle plans. The company has substantially increased its offerings by turning to scientifically proven strategies, such as the proprietary Genetic Test for Weight Loss, delivered at affordable prices to clients.  Lifestyle consultants at each of the nation-wide BalanceDiet locations then use the results from the client’s test to tailor a personalized follow up lifestyle and food plan for a client, based upon their genetics and how their body metabolises food  (to read full article, click here)

To learn more, visit: http://www.gobalancediet.com/about/genetic-testing/

8 January 2015

elements brands, elements fitness clubs

elements fitness ft lauderdale gymIt’s always great to announce new locations for elements, but I was especially happy to see the brand grow in South Florida into Ft. Lauderdale.  FT. Lauderdale is really a great healthy lifestyle market, and elements® fitness is a perfect fit for the city.  Our South Florida development team is growing, and we have successfully expanded our E2 visa and investor visa programs to allow many international operators access to live, work, and own businesses in the US.  Our business development team actively scouts existing health club and spa units which fit our brand criterion. n this case, we acquired one of the last remaining Lady of America health clubs, a brand which was once considered a leader in the women’s fitness industry.  The plan for that unit is to give it a elements® makeover, including a full renovation, expansion, addition of thinspa® and spa services, and a full retail line. New equipment has been ordered, and includes Power Plate, which is one of my personal favorite pieces of equipment to have in the clubs.  Read more about our newsest Florida health club location below…


(12/29/2014) FT. LAUDERDALE, FL – South Beach based fitness brand elements has acquired one of the last remaining Lady of America (LOA Fitness) gyms for conversion to its popular fitness and lifestyle brand for women. elements has plans for expansion of the current facility into an adjoining space, increasing the overall size to add its newly branded thinspa® amenities, as well as a full retail area.

The new Fort Lauderdale health club is located in the popular Oakland Park section in Ft. Lauderdale, in close proximity to the famed ocean front, as well as co-tenants like Whole Foods Market and Galleria Mall. Approximately, $250,000 in improvements, as well as all new equipment will be included in the newly re-designed and expanded space. Some of the new features in the space will include Power Plate, whole body vibration technology; Matrix fitness equipment, and a thinspa®, a  (read full article here)

28 December 2014

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1800 weight loss BILLBOARD5

We began to take an interest in 1800 WEIGHT LOSS several years ago, and then formally began our relationship with the company in 2012 through an acquisition we had made. It was an accidental by product of the introduction, but sometimes the part becomes more valuable than the car, and that was the case here. We have strategically developed a plan to tie in the bew developments and energy of BalanceDiet with the name recognition of the 18000 brand, with much success.

Read more below…

BalanceDiet announces Acquisition of 1800 WEIGHT LOSS in select US markets

MIAMI, FL  (12/3/2014) – The BalanceDiet Company, billed as “America’s Fastest Growing Weight Loss Brand” has announced a joint venture partnership and regional acquisition of 1800 WEIGHT LOSS, beginning in Florida and Georgia markets.

The acquisition continues to build momentum for the popular, healthy lifestyle company who has made significant strides in that past 24 months through a mix of strategic acquisitions and new unit development.

“1800 WEIGHT LOSS is a great brand name, and one that is trusted by

13 December 2014

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exclusive thinspa slimming massage fat reducing massage laser lipo thinspa anti aging facial

exclusive thinspa slimming massage fat reducing massage laser lipo thinspa anti aging facial

I guess it was only a matter of time before elements got into the spa business.  Like many fitness brands, we had been offering massages and limited spa services such as facials for years.  With the development of our BalanceDiet Center model, we had begin to imagine a weight loss / transformation experience where a customer could combine the nutrition and traditional side of weight loss with more advanced body treatments, such as laser liposculpture, to enhance and accelerate their weight loss results.  thinspa® was developed out of our lifestyle heritage, and along with a need for a more boutique-style medspa experience. I had never been a big fan of “med spas,” although I did like some of the technology, science, and great results, the experience of many med-spas I visited was a little off to me.   We began to speak of developing a spa brand which would be completely complimentary to a fitness or healthy lifestyle experience, a place where all of the treatments on the menu revolved around slimming, anti-aging, and wellness … a place where a clinical laser liposculpture package could be combined with highly effective (traditional) manual  therapies such as fat reducing and reduction massage, and body slimming wraps, and then followed up with a “detox diet” or food based cleanse for truly one of a kind results.  Since we already had many of the initial pieces, the concept was simple enough – but in the spa business, the real challenge becomes operations and execution … where to find someone to lead thinspa – a real world class spa executive (story continues…)


29 November 2014


BD balanceDIet healthy protein shakes
Our BalanceDiet online
features a growing lineup of weight loss articles and healthy living advice. The idea is to create an “experience” store, and a unique shopping experience for our award-winning weight loss products, where the customer can be educaitoned, ask questions, interact, and (of course) shop.  it’s a really great and dynamic platform for a product store, and we have really enjoyed designing the consumer experience.

The store features a News and Press Section, with a variety of informative short articles about trending health topics and questions our BalanceDiet lifestyle coaches are frequentyl asked in center. In this article, discover the health concerns associated with many traditional protein powder supplements, and what you can do for a healthier alternative…

The Problem with Protein Powder
Wait! Read this Before you turn on the blender…

Do you remember when we learned that many alternative sweeteners actually contained a lot of chemicals and were unhealthy? Or even (way back in the day), when we learned that corn and potatoes weren’t actually as healthy as other vegetables? Well, a new diet declaration is about to hit the streets: There are problems with your beloved protein powder!

While it would seem that any protein powder from whey to milk to egg, would be created purely, since it is marketed as a health supplement, many are significantly lacking in quality ingredients. In fact, (read more)

27 November 2014

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elements® … Making it Happen in 2014!

elements® fitness and BalanceDiet franchisees gear up for their biggest 2014 ever…
Read below some of our expansion projects and new additions from around the globe!

les mills 2elements® announces Partnership with Les Mills!
BodyPump™, S’haBam!, Body Combat to be featured at elements®

elements® has further enhanced the fitness experience within our clubs, announcing an international partnership with group-fitness leader Les Mills.  The arrangement will offer a rotation of 5 new signature classes at elements® clubs, including the wildly popular BodyPump®, Body Combat, and S’haBam.  These offerings, choreographed with cutting edge music and entertainment, will expand the base of memberships and signature amenities.  The collaboration between the brands also includes enhance visibility and marketing programs, industry workshops at elements® locations, and  instructor training across the United States.

Les Mills recognized elements® as a leader in fitness for women.

genetic test
BalanceDiet Expands Genetic Testing Options
Exclusive Genetic Test for Weight Loss gains more popularity

BalanceDiet features an exclusive Genetic Test for weight loss, a very popular part of our signature plans.  A simple swap of your cheek, and several days later the client’s metabolism is idenitifed as a “fat reducer,” “carb reducer,” or “Better Balancer.”  Our exclusive online plans and weight loss products are automatically customized for the client to creat a simple and highly effective roadmap to permanent weight loss.   This genetic test has been backed by years of Stamford University and Interluekin Research, and is proved to help clients lose weight 2.5 times more quickly!

dr oz BalanceDiet Adds Laser Lipo to its Service Lineup!
FDA Approved Zerona Laser adds great slimming option to the BalanceDiet/thinspa® lineup

BalanceDiet is proud to announce the addition of LaserLipo scultping services to its store lineup.  The fast and highly-effective (non-invasive) slimming procedure is currently being tested at BalanceDiet’s Corporate Location in Atlanta Georgia, and will soon be rolled out to additional BalanceDiet and thinspa® locations.  Clients can combine laser lipo (shown to quickly, safely, and permanently lose 5-6 inches off the waist) with other signature amenities such as our Results Garuanteed™ programs or DetoxDiet®, making for a complete weight loss experience.

BD_results_logo_lockupWelcome new BalanceDiet clubs!
BalanceDiet Adds 5 New US Locations

BalanceDiet will be adding more great locations to it’s map in the upcoming months, including New York, Los Angeles, Cape Cod, and Tampa in early 2014.  Clients really connect with the contemporary and customizable programs at BalanceDiet, starting from just $17 per month!  Using our proven approach and exclusive products, we have built large and growing member bases and changed the way people view weight loss.

More growth is planned in Q1 2014 for BalanceDiet, including additional locations in Florida, California, and the Northeast, as well as our first internaitonal locations in Latin America. BalanceDiet will be conducting a 3 day training event in Atlanta Dec 4,5,6 for new franchisees.

at home banner 2
BalanceDiet at Home™ Grows with Record Participation

BalanceDiet at Home™, our fast-growing work-from-home or office opportunity, is growing quickly with highly qualified coaches and practicioners from around the country. Our Facebook and Social Medla campaigns, and Perkville® rewards program are spreading like wildfire, and helping to lose weight and transform hundreds of clients every day.  The ease of startup, flexibility of the program and hours, and the ability to expand into a BalanceDiet Store have made this a very popular way to get started in successful business ownership.

tampaW 3

Shapes Fitness becomes elements® in Tampa!

Things heat up in Tampa as Shapes Fitness becomes elements® on the West Coast of Florida. The conversion includes a complete renovation of the club “elementized” as well as signature amenities such as thinspa®, fitness retail, and eucalyptus steamrooms.  The club already bosts over 2,000 members and growing for a very successful January!

Welcome New Team Members!

elements® and BalanceDiet are pleased to welcome Mary Mraz and Rich Wallinsky to our team!  Mary brings nearly 20 years of business, management, and weight loss expertise and will be working with BalanceDiet franchisees and managers to take their sales to the next level.    Rich joins elements® from the business development world, and will be working on developing expansion plans, resales, and new business development.  Next month, we will be adding Chris Grubbs to our new in-house managed personal training department at elements®.. “smart fitness” – Chris has over 12 years of national high volume PT sales and robust personal training background, expanding elements personal training department to rival (or exceed) any of the top brands.

e_girl1W 2Inches-a-Weigh Becomes BalanceDiet

BalanceDiet is thrilled to welcome the Inches-A-Weight locations to our growing family.   inches-A-Weight members and clients can now experience all that BalanceDiet has to offer, including our award-winning supplement lineup and our proprietary genetic test for weight loss!   We are very happy to welcome these successful team members and new clients  to our brand family!

You may have noticed that BalanceDiet’s website received a facelift and expansion recently. We have now added Live Chat as well as a national 1800# for prospects to more easily be put in touch with their closest BalanceDiet Center.  Clients may also now order directly from the web or their phone, and have products shipped directly to their home for no extra charge.


mobile_WOnline Store and Online Tools!

We are pleased to announce our one-year expansion project for new member/client tools is now complete, and training is underway on the newly expanded client and member portals.  We have developed expanded wellness tools, integration with our exclusive genetic weight loss test, and new features such as direct-shipping of products to clients, in partnership with SetPoint Health.

Each BalanceDiet store and Home Coach now has an individual (mini-site) including online store, online wellness member tools, and info for weight loss links.  As part of this service expansion, personal trainers, coaches and clients may order products via the web for immediate shipment to their home or office, allowing clients to receive service around the clock.     (to view a sample online tools, click here)

Mobile Websites Expanded

In case you haven’t searched recently, elements® has expanded its mobile phone tools to include more features such as club booking, free pass downloads, and book-a trainer features.  Our mobile usage is up over 22% over the past 90 days, and expected to grow even more in the upcoming year.

elements® Grows in New England!

elements® expands in New England this Fall in Canton (Sharon Area), MA … inching closer to center city Boston. Canton is a great location, and already under construction. Pre-sales began last week with a very strong start.  The team started with a record 95% show ratio on appointments and over 50 members enrolled during the first week.  Canton joins elements® in Wareham and soon to be coming to Cape Cod, Leominster and other New England markets.


elements® arrives to Las Vegas!

Move over Miami… the West Coast heats up with a new showcase elements® club being announced for Las Vegas.  One of the strongest markets in the US in terms of growth, and an exciting place for the brands to grow to.   elements® Las Vegas will be in site selection soon and will be opening in 2014.


Saudi Arabia Begins Countdown to Opening Day

elements® and BalanceDiet™ Mid-East debit will be very soon in Riyadh, the capital city of Saudi Arabia, with a multi-level, glass showpiece club. The club will be one of the largest in the elements® network, and will feature a whole new level of luxury amenities including carport, luxury spa, full retail centre, and more. The open-air construction and use of marble, glass, and branded features make the club visually stunning.  elements® will be the largest gym for women in the Middle East.

new additions_W
New BalanceDiet Products Added

BalanceDiet is proud to announce some great new additions to its product lineup, including 6 new flavors of protein bars and 6 new nutrtional supplements.  BalanceDiet features an award-winning line of exclusive products which can only be found at elements® and BalanceDiet clubs.

All of our products are manufactured under pharmeceutical guidelines under strict protocols, and are of superior quality and efficancy to store brands.  New product additions include:  Ultra Sugar Stabilizer, Ultra Female Support,  Super Immunity Boost, Vitamin D Complete, and Ultra B12, bringing the total variety of BalanceDiet’s popular products to over 60 (and growing!)

SEO Making Strides!

In August we announced our national co-op marketing for all club locations in conjunction with SEO Haus, our online partner.  Since its inception, 7 of our locations have landed at #1 in Google for their local searches for at least one local keyword, and results are improving every month.  Christine Martingale is our SEO/optimization point person for this department, and has been really making good strides.  BalanceDiet™ and elements® franchisees receive an expanded array of tools and assistance to help their clubs be found easily be local shoppers, expanding our local web presence to generate even more traffic in the upcoming months.

At elements® and BalanceDiet, we are in the business of Success!
email graphic strip 2

• Over the past 24 years, we have helped tens of thousands of clients successfully lose weight.

• Our proven weight loss plans and award-winning branded products continue to grow in popularity, with new locations opening from Coast to Coast!
• Exclusive technology, such our genetic test for weight loss and mobile tools keeps our clubs on the cutting edge

• Our franchisees are backed by a growing expert team

Looking for a great business opportunity in a fast-growing industry?
As an elements® or BalanceDiet franchisee, you receive hands-on training and support, and tap into fast-growing industries….

Get Started Today … Ask us about our turn-key financing programs!
Call us today (305) 535-1525 or click here to receive info

Reserve your territory Be in Business for 2014!

This is the ideal time to become a franchisee! Special Financing Programs and Landlord Incentives make getting started easy.
We provide all the help you need… site selection, design, recruiting, full training, marketing, and more!

Call Colleen today for more information (786)-363-4211 or click here

Q: What are the Next Steps to Get Started?

1. request information and schedule presentation
2. discovery process / due diligence / meet other franchisees and our team
3. reserve territory (1-2 weeks)

4. secure funding and site (3-8 weeks)

5. construction, training, and presale (5-10 weeks)
6. You’re in business!

Q: Are Area Development Opportunities Available?

Yes, in select markets

Q: How Much Capital is Needed to Get Started

The cost to open a store varies, typically between $65,000 – $450,000  (depending on brand concept and size)
Financing is available based upon credit and your location through approved 3rd party lenders
Typically, a minimium of $15,000 and good credit is needed to get started.

Q: Do I need any prior fitness or weight loss experience?

No, our franchise program offers comprehensive training for your staff.
No prior industry experience is needed.

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11 February 2014

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new_blogNew elements® Website for E2 Investors!
For foreign investors, E2, EB5, and L visas are popular ways for investors to obtain a path to citizenship in the United States.  As leading US franchise brands,  elements® and BalanceDiet  offer to accredited investors a variety of great opportunities.   Our program includes a experienced network of professionals including immigration attorneys, relocation specialists, and business advisors.We have recently launch an E2 Visa website, to showcase all of our available opportunities in one place.

Opportunities are categorized by (active/passive) as well as city and location.Prospects may browse and link to the main franchise and brand sites, to discover more about our brands and find the best opportunity (franchise) for them.  New opportunities are added  and updated regularly to always have the most current information.  This site can also be a useful resource for business brokers and international business brokers.

Photos are added to help  prospects visualize more the opportunity they are considering.To visit our opportunities website visit: www.elementsE2.com

1 February 2014

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elements® announces the launch of  a new boutique fitness brand… STUDIO®!

Across the US, the new rage in fitness is the boutique fitness club… Reebok Crossfit™, Yoga and Pilates studios, Soul Cycle, Barry’s Boot Camp just to name a few.   Consumers are demanding an elevated group fitness experience, and willing to pay for the great results!

These smaller (boutique) centers typically have one specialty, and cater to a very focused and growing clientele who are willing to pay upwards of $100 monthly or more for the elevated experience.

For many years, we (elements®) have been a leading fitness brand. Our amenities, products and lifestyle tools are all geared for an all-around member experience. In January, we were very proud to announce the introduction of STUDIO®, our 3,000 sq ft (co-ed) premium fitness boutique.  STUDIO® by elements features all of our top signature offerings: award-winning classes, personal training, BalanceDiet™ weight loss, TRX® and more!  STUDIO® offers the top classes, top trainers, and top fitness services in a well-designed and easy to manage footprint.  It is designed as  a neighborhood fitness concept.

• 3,000 sq ft  (complete real estate assistance provided)
• co-ed fitness, premium classes, personal training, and weight loss
• includes BalanceDiet Weight Loss & Products
• Signature classes including TRX®, Zumba®, Body Pump, and more!
• Flexible Hours of Operation
• Easy to Open, Easy to operate format
• Complete training and support provided

Open a STUDIO® Club for under $150,000

Click Here to Download a STUDIO® Brochure

11 January 2014